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The Zero Point Field is exploring the events which recently have been discoverd.
The Zero Point Field is an energyfield in whicht all comes together. Some call it god, some call it maya some call it an enormous energy field from which maybe mankind can learn a great deal about live.

I experience the field when I am having a big problem and try to think about a good solution. I will not be able to do this I have learned.
Only when I stop thinking, listen to my heart and unthink the rational, the solution comes in seconds!

Especially quantum fysics experiments gives us some clue about the field. We still don't know a lot, but what we know it is an energy field in which time and place are not relevant. With our rational brains we can't discover much further. We have to get in touch with our feelings, learn more about quantum fysics and learn from the Brahman lyrics and other spiritual wishdom.
The future will unfold the present and so it is.

Thank you,

Cosmic-brain will bring you on a seperate but also valuable path

About Us
The Zero Point Field (ZPF) website is dedicated to give you good information about the ZPF events. It is not fussy but tries to clearyfy things in a science matter, although human science not that far is in knowledge about this extraordinarily energy field.